Commander Deviss (Phase 2) – Coffee Mug Decals


Build a custom clone army with Coffee Mug Decals.

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Coffee Mug’s 180º decals are designed to fit perfectly with your LEGO® clone collection and is available in multiple armour styles.

Commander Deviss decal sheet includes:

  • Front leg decals
  • Front & back torso decals
  • Arm decals
  • Helmet decals

What You Need:

CMD’s Phase 2 decals are designed to be used with official LEGO® Phase 2 Helmets or REPLICA Phase 2 Clone Helmets and a white LEGO® body. Check out our Decal Supplies.


CT-65/91-6210, also known as Deviss, was a clone trooper captain who led K Company, a unit within Clone Commander Bly’s 327th Star Corps. Deviss wore red-striped Phase 2 clone armour and after his promotion added a kama and red pauldron. His quick-release holster held two DC-17 hand blasters and he carried a DC-15A blaster rifle.


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