We have loads of awesome new products dropping, and bestsellers restocking, on the Blue Harvest store in the coming weeks. Below is a rough guide of what to expect and when. As soon as we receive a delivery date, we will update the estimated BHB Drop date.

Please continue to use the ‘Back In Stock’ notifier on out of stock products, as this helps to inform us which products are in demand, and the levels of stock we should order.

BHB Drop: Sunday 14th April – 7pm (GMT)

Our next Clone Army Customs drop has been ordered and will focus primarily on a massive restock of printed figures. New figures for this drop will include Nemec, Fireball and the Imperial Commando. A range of helmets, cloths and accessories will also be included.

BHB Drop: Late April/early May

Grandpa Clone Customs April wave is estimated to drop in late April. The line-up for this drop is still to be confirmed.

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BHB Drop: Sunday 7th April – 7pm (GMT)

Grandpa Clone Customs March wave is estimated to drop in late March on the Blue Harvest store. Figures from this wave include: Commander Wolffe, Commander Fox. Kix, 41st Troopers, Anaxes Troopers, 212th & Shock Heavy Troopers and Senate Guards. This order will also include some new printed helmets, including Phase 2 Fives and Wolffe.

BHB Drop: Sunday 31st March – 7pm (GMT)

We will be restocking all popular BrickTactical weapons, including clone and droid blasters. Order has been placed, we are now waiting on an estimated delivery date.

BHB Drop: Sunday 17th March

Your last chance to get hold of the wonderful limited edition Holo clones created by GCC & Tijn. Only a small number of these are available and they won’t last long! We’ll also be restocking GCC Commander Bly, Howzer, Airborne Troopers and 442nd Swamp Troopers. Other new products dropping will including CAC Battle Droids and Replica ARC backpacks .

BHB Drop: Tuesday 13th February

Grandpa Clone Customs January wave of figures have been ordered and are currently scheduled for an early February drop on the Blue Harvest store. This wave includes: Imperial Cody, Captain Grey, Captain Howzer, Commander Bly, Dogma and Airborne Troopers. This order will also include a massive restock of printed helmets.

BHB Drop: Tuesday 13th February

Our next Clone Army Customs drop will focus primarily on restocking accessories and cloths. We have ordered a wide range of Pauldron’s and Kama’s for all the named clones and main legions. Printed and plain Visors, Antenna’s, Macros and Backpacks will also restock, along with some Helmets and Figures. We’re also looking forward to adding CAC’s new Battle Droids to the store.

BHB Drop: Saturday 13th January

Grandpa Clone Customs two December waves are scheduled for a Blue Harvest release on the 13th January. We will drop both wave #1 and #2 together, with some brand new releases including; Commander Doom, Boost, Sinker, Comet and the Lambent Seeker ARC. A range of other figures will also make their Blue Harvest debut, such as Kix, Tup, Echo, Padme and Jocasta Nu. A number of GCC helmets will also restock, including Grunts, Shocks, Boil, Waxer and 212th Troopers.

BHB Drop: Saturday 23rd December

Grandpa Clone Customs November wave is scheduled for a Blue Harvest drop on the 23rd December. This wave will include the Commander’s Wolffe, Bly and Gree.

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